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bob well melisa and i were surprised to find out that bob has turned gangsta

i79099094_76982_3.gif and then bob said hey shut up

i84918038_49033_5.jpg and then i said OMG a piece of toast

i116613797_64298_3.jpg and as me and mel were walking away to lok for more toast bob yelled out..i hope you choke on skittles.

iconator_905b0a0e90c17c702da245750fbe8cdf.gif And then mel and me said we don’t care

iconator_174990c7a6b2665afba4aa7c7eca4681.gif and then i said to mel that i loved her shirt

msndollzu_1142830443.gif And then we reliesed elmo was running for president.

i118421660_82241_3.gif And then mel said hi. i have cool socks on today.

i96613608_94588_5.gif And them me and mell go caught in the paper trap bob has set for us.

and then we went home…

the END

=] hope you like another adventure of melissa and ashley!



lol yes i feel bored and so im going to post this lolz

i know have mysace…it is fun


district aths tomorrow YAY

Organising the social 4h period yay

todays an awsomeness dayy




i am in english atm….urban legends..*yawn*

anyways mel says hi


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  1. the latest chapter contributed to the plot of the story by telling us that Lockie and Vicki Streeton are together and are officially a couple. We also find out Lockie makes new friends and finds that there may be a way out of footy and cricket by starting up a surf team suggested by the school guidance councillor John East.
  2. the title tells us where the story is heading by saying ‘it doesn’t take much to get famous, but it takes a lot to stay in love’ this indicates that there is love in this book and lockie will find it hard to stay in love and the the famous bit im not to sure of but maybe hell become famous either in his town in his school or in the world.
  3. the changes in the tense in this chapter are from really interested to weather Vicki likes him a lot to she’s just chatting to him but this is summed up to her liking him because she kisses him twice and she starts hanging around him heaps at school and then everyone knows that there a couple and you become less tense because everything is going smoothly.
  4. yes some of the characters have changed because lockie becomes more confident and falls in love. Vicki falls in love and we find out that she’s really nice and smart. But I am not to sure about other characters because we don’t know them very well.

The themes and key ideas that are being addressed in this chapter are that lockie is now more confident resulting in having more friends because hes going out with Vicki. The key ideas being addressed in this chapter are that he’s falling in love but Its getting hard because they argue a lo


1) What will your power be? Explain what you will be able to do but also explain its limitations. Remember what we discussed about needing limitations for drama. If you can do anything, anytime, then any story based around you is going to be pretty boring.

my power would be to teleport to different places but i wouldn’t be able to stop time or go back in time and i couldn’t teleport myself out of this universe.

2) Why do you want this power? What will be some good things about having this power? What benefits will it bring to you/others?

i want this power so i could go on holidays without paying for them and i could teleport homeless people into bank vault take some money and buy yhtem a home and food. the good things i could do would help people in fights and stuff. the benifits it would bring would be well what i just said.

3) What will some negative things be about your power? How could you power cause problems for you or those around you?

it may cause trouble for the person im helping because they may not want help and i could get into trouble.

16asjf4.gif see this catepilar

16hkfpk.gif it lives in this castle

i95591341_57341_4.jpg and this crocodile protects the castle that the catepilar lives in

i170795474_72893_2.gif this is the water melon that the crocodile eats

i170762438_64359_2.gif thses are the bananas the catepilar eats

and they all lived happily ever after…or did they

this was a story me and mel did becos we wer bored hope u enjoyed it!!